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at My Racing Pig

My Racing Pig is keen to support and work with

different charity partners.
Working with charities will form the backbone of our  
Social Involvement Programme. 




To help us achieve our development ambitions, we recently launched a fundraising opportunity for charities and other good causes.

Whilst we are not in a position to make direct monetary donations to charities, we can now offer a means by which charities can generate much needed additional funds.  

The opportunity is basically open to any good cause, but is probably best suited to smaller and medium sized charities.  It is an opportunity which requires the engagement of volunteers - possibly even a charity’s own service users - and involves helping us process lines of product for sale - through our site - My Racing Pig.  

The processing takes place, NOT at our place but, at YOURS!


We are ring-fencing a volume of product for processing in this way and will share the proceeds of sale with our charity partners.  Depending on the level of engagement, significant four figure monetary sums can be generated for those charities involved. 

We see this opportunity as an innovative way for two parties to work together for mutual gain.  Importantly, it represents our initial steps in developing our Social Involvement Programme.  

Aside from the above, our interest and support of charities goes deep. We have also chosen to partner with another charity supporter and their charity fundraising events.

The Thames Head Challenge – a 130mile Team Baton Cycling Relay - is one of those events - being staged by CHARITY BIKE RIDES.

This Charity Bike Ride is another excellent way in which charities can raise valuable funding in this very challenging of years.

As regards our own fundraising opportunity for charities…
To find out more and to receive our explanatory introduction to this opportunity, please email us – FAO Sarah - at My Racing Pig.

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